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chesca says

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hello! i'm Franchesca and I'm a graphic designer and online personality living, working and laughing in New York! I started this journal in 2003 but have basically abandoned it. I occasionally post my silly youtube videos and hairstyle tutorials here, in addition to being a longtime member of ONTD and GetUpDreadUp. I no longer use livejournal as a blog. If you'd like to read my blog check out blog.franchesca.net

1970's, 420, acid jazz, acting, afros, aim, aimee mann, andre3000, ani difranco, anthropologie, art, art institute, avant-garde, bass guitar, belle and sebastian, ben folds, ben folds five, bjork, blonde redhead, blondie, body for life, boxing, boys, braless, broadcast, brown, buttons, cibo matto, clothes, clothing design, coldplay, crochet, damien rice, death cab for cutie, design, digital cameras, digital cameras and photoshop, digital photography, diy, donnie darko, drawing, dreadlocks, dreads, drum and bass, dsoa, eric andre, erykah badu, esthero, fabric, family guy, feminism, fiona apple, florida, fourtet, fruit, graphic art, graphic design, guitar, hot boys, hot girls, hotness, incubus, indie films, ipod, jazz, jazzanova, jill scott, kickboxing, kissing, knitting, koop, lamb, law and order, le tigre, liz phair, locks, locs, mac, mandolin, merlot, miu, music, myspace, nappy hair, nick drake, of montreal, old ani, palm beach, pearl jam, phoenix, photography, photos, photoshop, piercings, pilates, pj harvey, polaroids, polka dots, portishead, puma, pygmy, radiohead, raw food, rollerblading, rufus wainwright, self-portraiture, sewing, sexuality, sigur ros, singing, smoothies, south florida, soy, squarepusher, stamps, stars, stereolab, sublime, sushi, tahiti 80, tattoos, the beach, the better gimp, the postal service, the strokes, the walkmen, the white stripes, thrift stores, thrifting, typography, urban outfitters, vanity, vibrators, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage looks, vintage t-shirts, web design, weight training, west palm, west palm beach, yarn, yukimi nagano,